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About Floyds Knobs Water Company

We are located at 4781 Paoli Pike, #1 – Floyds Knobs, IN 47119 We strive to serve our customers with quality & prompt service. Our office hours are Monday – Thursday, 11am to 5pm. Water Quality Standards Water is treated to meet the levels of purity and quality set by the — USEPA. Increasingly stringent — USEPA regulations require treatment processes to be continually updated and tested, advancing the levels of technology, skill and chemical solutions. Nearly all public water supplies in the United States meet — USEPA standards for safe drinking water. Standards limit the concentrations, or amounts, of contaminants. In some cases where a contaminant cannot be measured, water supplies must provide specific treatment, such as disinfection and filtration.


Stuff You Should Know

Conserve Water
Water is one of the few commodities people cannot live without, and it is also a commodity many of us may take for granted. Consumers can easily reduce water usage without sacrifice by following a few simple steps. These are some of the tips that can add up to significant savings on your bill, while helping to protect a critical resource.
Water Rates
Many Indiana utilities are allowed to raise rates only with the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission's (IURC's) approval.
Report a Water Main Break
To report a Leak or Problem (for outside your home - as in a water main), call our office at 812-923-9040 or email us at CustomerService@floydsknobswater.com
Latest News! [UPDATED]
(NEW) FKWC 2019 Water Quality Report now published! Also read about the latest news covering updates & rate changes for Floyds Knobs Water Company.

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