Illegal Hydrant Tapping – Water Theft

NO ONE has permission to use or connect to FKWC fire hydrants. Have you witnessed water theft?
Call 9-1-1

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Conserve Water
Water is one of the few commodities people cannot live without, and it is also a commodity many of us may take for granted. Consumers can easily reduce water usage without sacrifice by following a few simple steps. These are some of the tips that can add up to significant savings on your bill, while helping to protect a critical resource.
Water Rates
Many Indiana utilities are allowed to raise rates only with the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission's (IURC's) approval.
Report a Water Main Break
To report a Leak or Problem (for outside your home - as in a water main), call our office at 812-923-9040 or email us at CustomerService@floydsknobswater.com
Latest News! [UPDATED]
(NEW) FKWC 2019 Water Quality Report now published! Also read about the latest news covering updates & rate changes for Floyds Knobs Water Company.


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